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Summer Session 2024

Participation in the Programme presupposes working on an advanced-level research project under the supervision of a JINR expert. Selected students are invited to Dubna for 6-8 weeks within the mentioned interval. At the end of their stay, they prepare a written report on the work they have done, which is posted on the Programme website.

Participation requirements:

  • students from all over the world;
  • specialising in science, engineering, and IT;
  • starting from their 3rd year of undergraduate studies up to the 1st year of PhD;
  • without previous experience of participation in the START programme (JINR Summer Student Programme).

Financial terms:

  • tickets from your home/university city to Dubna and back are purchased by the Student and later on reimbursed by JINR (upon submission of all required documents).
  • visa and health insurance expenses are later on reimbursed by JINR (upon submission of all required documents).
  • accommodation is booked and paid by JINR. 
  • daily allowance of 1000 roubles per day is paid from the funds of the JINR laboratory accepting the Student.

How to apply:

  • Before applying, make sure that the following two main requirements are met and confirmed by the relevant documents:
    • The field of your studies corresponds to one of the JINR scientific fields.
    • You are a 3rd- or 4th-year undergraduate student, a Master student, or a 1st-year postgraduate student.
  • Register on the website by clicking the REGISTER button and filling in the registration form, attaching all the required documents, and ticking 1-3 of the available scientific fields corresponding to your sphere of studies. 
  • Wait for your form to be approved by the Team. Afterwards, you will receive an email with a login and password to be able to log in as a Student to apply for a Session.
  • Select a Session you like to participate in and press APPLY.
  • Wait for the selection results. The final selection date is indicated on the Session webpage. Please check your mailbox regularly.