Student Program

at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

О возмещении транспортных расходов и приобретении страховок

Обратите, пожалуйста, внимание, что возмещение транспортных расходов производится строго после предоставления всех необходимых документов (билетов, чеков, посадочных талонов) в Оргкомитет Программы.

Иностранным студентам в ОИЯИ может быть оформлен страховой полис, который покрывает медицинские расходы в сумме $25000 и + $1000 при несчастном случае. Если Вам необходим страховой полис, пожалуйста, сообщите об этом в оргкомитет по электронной почте.

Reimbursement of travel expenses and insurance

Dear JINR SSP participants,

Please, be informed that reimbursement of travel expenses will be made after providing all the required financial documents (receipts, tickets, boarding passes, etc.) to the Organizing Committee.

If you are a foreign student, JINR may issue a medical insurance policy for you, which covers the sum of $25000 for medical expenses + $1000 in case of travel accident. Those of you who need it, please, inform me about that.

How to buy tickets and get reimbursement of travel expenses

JINR provides all the SSP participants with free accommodation in a hotel, pays daily allowance, and covers travel expenses.

To get reimbursement of transport expenses, please, follow the instructions below:
1. Buy a ticket to Moscow and back at your own expense.
2. If you buy an airplane ticket, the ticket must be round-trip, economy class. 
3. Please, inform the organisers on the total amount of your travel expenses in the following way:
1) Point A - Point B (bus, the price 300 rubles).
2) Point B – Moscow, Domodedovo (airplane, the price 5000 rubles).
3) Domodedovo - Moscow (Aeroexpress, the price 400 rubles).
4) Moscow - Dubna (train, the price 370 rubles).
5) Back to Point A in the same way.
or continue the route ... 
4. If the ticket is paid in cash, please, attach a receipt of payment. 
5. If the ticket is paid by credit card, please, attach a bank statement. 
IMPORTANT! The credit card must belong to you (i.e. your name must be indicated on it). The price indicated on the ticket must be equal to the amount of money debited from your account.
6. Electronic tickets may look different, so, please, make sure the ticket contains the following information: ticket number, passenger name, the indication of the price, itinerary details, dates and time of departure and arrival. Please keep the boarding passes to submit them to the organisers.
7. If you use several kinds of transport, it is necessary to have similar documents for all the stages of your transportation. 
8. Please submit all the documents (original boarding passes, tickets and financial documents) to Elena Karpova, University Centre, LIT building, room 433.
9. Reimbursement of travel expenses is conducted by money transfer to the personal account of the SSP participant after providing all the required financial documents (receipts, tickets, boarding passes) to the Organizing Committee of the Program. Please provide your bank account details: bank name, bank address, IBAN, SWIFT, all in Latin letters

List of SSP'2017 participants and further actions

Dear Students,

The list of selected students (SSP’17 participants) can be found here:

The selected students must urgently reach out to their supervisors and discuss the schedule of their arrival to Dubna. You may arrive (check-in) starting from 01/07/2017 up until 01/09/2017. The SSP participation period is 6 – 8 weeks.

The costs of the tickets to Dubna and back (by railway transport, buses/shuttles, planes (economy class)) will be recovered. The participants will be provided with dormitories and daily subsistence allowance of 1000 rub per day.

To contact the organizing committee: 
mail to

ATTENTION! Bу 10 May inform the organizing committee about the following:

1)      Arrival and departure dates (arranged with the supervisor)
2)      Types of transport to be used to arrive to Dubna and approximate cost.
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