Student Program

at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Scientific directions and titles of the projects of Summer Student Program JINR-2015

Networks, computing, computational physics

Accelerator physics
  • radio frequency systems
  • high power electronics
  • magnetic systems
  • cryogenics
  • automatic control systems
  • vacuum systems
  • ion sources
  • beam diagnostics
  • radiometry

Particle Detectors
  • silicon strip detectors
  • time projection chamber (TPC)
  • time of flight system (mRPC)
  • electromagnetic calorimeter (shashlyk type) with SiPM readout (ECal)
  • cathode pad chambers and GEM detectors for tracking systems
  • analogue preamplifiers for particle detectors
  • digital systems TDC and ADC
  • data acquisition system
  • simulation of physical processes at heavy ion collisions
  • a straw tube detector to work in vacuum - technologies and simulation
  • pixel detectors on the base of gallium arsenide
  • Inter-TileCal (ITC) scintillators for ATLAS experiment at LHC

Neutron physics
  • creating a database of experimental data obtained on an inelastic neutron scattering spectrometer
  • automation and control of devices and mechanisms for neutron spectrometers
  • development of Closed Cycle Refrigerator cryostats for low temperature neutron investigations
  • determination of the parameters of the position-sensitive detectors of thermal neutrons.

Condensed matter physics
  • spectroscopic research of compounds with hydrogen bonding
  • the behaviour of surfactants, polymers and mixtures thereof in the bulk and on the surface
  • Raman, SERS and CARS studies of plasmonic nanostructures within the pores of silicon oxide

Applied research with the use of nuclear physics methods
  • neutron activation analysis for life sciences
  • germanium detector for neutron activation analysis in the study of radiation resistance of materials.
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