Student Program

at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


What is JINR Student Program?


It’s neither a school nor a conference. It’s pure practice!


Practice in one of the largest research institutes, comprising 18 member states and 6 associate members


Work in international groups


in one of the 7 JINR laboratories


A unique chance to work for 6-8 weeks under supervision of highly-qualified specialists at real research facilities


Visits to the JINR laboratories


Social and cultural program


Start your career at JINR! Spend your summer holidays at the front-line of science!Welcome to Dubna!

Students feedbacks

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
I am really glad I had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Student Program 2019 at JINR-Dubna, and to experience work on a real scientific project. Besides the research project, there were several presentations, seminars and exciting excursions organized to different laboratories, through which we got a better overview of the entire Institute. What is more, we also had the chance to make new international friends from all over the world and even possible future collaboration partners. I would like to thank the University Center of JINR, the Organizing Committee and the Management of the Frank Laboratory for Neutron Physics for the flawless organization and financial support; to my supervisor and working colleagues for the excellent working atmosphere throughout my stay in Dubna where I was welcomed as a member of the collective, feeling very comfortable. All in all I am happy and grateful that I dedicated my time for useful, meaningful and productive activities.

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Purpose and Implementation of the Program

About the Program

Important announcement

Due to the impossibility of holding on-site events during the summer of 2021, we inform you about the transfer of the Student programme to a more favorable time. The organising committee plan to start the application procedure in May 2021, so students can come to Dubna in November 2021-February 2022.

We invite students to participate in the INTEREST online programme (website -, which implies remote work on research projects under the guidance of JINR staff.

Program Purpose  
The main purpose of the Student Program at JINR is to attract  graduate students on a competitive basis to the Institute scientific groups that implement the main JINR research projects.
Program Dates  
The Student Program at JINR is organized in the form of student research projects in the scientific groups and usually lasts from 4 to 8 weeks during the period from June to October of each calendar year.  
Program Participants
Participants of the Program may be students finishing third or fourth year of bachelor studies, master students or PhD students enrolled in the first year of graduate school.
Application Procedure 
To participate in the selection competition one has to: 

  • register at the web-page of the Program indicating all necessary contact information;
  • fill in the application form.
Recommendations to the Applicants 

When applying for the Program, one must indicate the 
contacts of one reference person only. The Program Committee will send a link to the applicant's  profile to the address of the reference person with a request for a letter ofrecommendation to be written for a potential Program participant. Each applicant will be required to provide a letter of recommendation to be submitted to the Program Committee. Reference persons can be university professors that educate the applicants or representatives of scientific organizations from the JINR Member States who know the applicants.
Selection of Participants
Upon receiving the application forms and letters of recommendation, the Program Committee will select the participants of the current year. Upon publication of the list of participants and agreement on the terms of stay at JINR for each participants, the Programm Committee send the selected students and postgraduates an official invitation to participate in the Program.

Registration will have begun 2021-05-01 00:00 (after 13 days)

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